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Maximum Simultaneous Login Depends on License Depends on License Depends on License 6
Maximum Simultaneous Client Connection Depends on License Depends on License Depends on License 6
Diskless Support
Server Features
Prepaid/Postpaid Payment Postpaid only
Time and Price Adjustment
Dynamic Rate




Scheduled Rate




Custom Rate



Time Deposit  
Money Deposit  
Preset Login (wait the client computer to connect to server (ready to use) before logging in with the pre-specified login details)
On Hold User (will free the client computer and
the login can be resumed later)



Pause, Continue, Cancel (can be disabled)
Transfer/Swap Users' Computer (mouse dragging)
Add Bonus Minutes (can be disabled)
Registered users can select postpaid or prepaid payment type on client computer. (can be disabled)  
Membership  Limited to
5 Users
Usergroup based membership, pricing and apps restriction
Employee Permissions


Employee Daily Time Record



Employee Reports  
Point of Sale



Inventory and Client Order System



Sales Report
Detailed Products/Services Sales Report    
Expenses/Cash Outs Report  
Logins Report
Reports Cut off option (daily)
Visits Report  
Computer Usage Report  
Server Uptime Report      
Receipt Printing  
Online Sales Report      
Print Monitoring




Server Screen Snapshot




Server Uptime Recording      
Users' time will still run even when server is shut down (Krisan Client must be running)
Client and Server Activity Log
Terminate Protection
Executable Files Protection
Client USB Write Request  
Power Interruption Safe
Prevent System Time change  
Data Backup and Restore  
Automatic Data Backup




Automatic Updates
One-Click Closing of Client's Running Applications  
Chat System (client-server/client-client, recorded)
Internet/LAN Bandwidth Monitor  
Remote Desktop (view and control client desktop screen on server)      
Remote File Manager (transfer files from/to server computer to/from client computer)  
Send File (drag files to send to server or client)  
Remote Task Manager
Remote Control (turn on "Wake On Lan", restart, log off, turn off, sleep, run programs) Limited
Clients Screenshot
Remote System Information (display client computer's hardware information)  
Remote USB Devices Information (display USB devices currently connected on client computer)  
Prepaid Tickets




Points System




Free Hour System




Icon View
Item View
Grid View (can reposition columns)
Easy UI     20 Runs
Auto set system time from Krisan server




Power Conservation (auto turn off or sleep clients in specific minutes when no user or idle)

Client Features
Bill Status Window (minimal/detailed) Always detailed
Automatic Starting
Automatic Locking
Website/Program Restriction



Block USB Drive Access  
Hotkeys Disabling
Mouse and Keyboard Blocking      
Game Menu (Program Launcher) (auto restart if terminated)      
Game Saver (save/load gamesaves to/from server)      
File Cleaning Maintenance




Disable over 20 Windows Functions for enhanced client computer security
Terminate Protection
Executable Files Protection
Randomized Lock Screen Customization
Randomized Screen Saver Customization
Randomized Desktop Background Customization
Run Application Upon Log in  
Open Website Upon Log in  
Run Application Upon Log out  
Run Application Upon Paid  

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