If you want to schedule operations:
  • click on View->Scheduled Operations:

The Scheduled Operations page will appear.


  • Click Add.

The Add Scheduled Operation page will appear.

  • Select the day schedule.
  • Set the time schedule.
  • Enter cope up minutes when time schedule was missed.
  • Enter the operation to perform.

Available Scheduled Operations:
(<space> is a space character, parameters must be enclosed with a single quote)

LOGINUSER<space>'login name'<space>'computer name'

LOGINGUEST<space>'computer name'

TIMELIMITUSER<space>'login name'<space>'hh:mm'

TIMELIMITPC<space>'computer name'<space>'hh:mm'

TRANSFERUSER<space>'login name'<space>'to computer name'

TRANSFERPC<space>'from computer name'<space>'to computer name'

LOGOUTUSER<space>'login name'

LOGOUTPC<space>'computer name'

CANCELUSER<space>'login name'

CANCELPC<space>'computer name'

Your entered scheduled operation will be added to Scheduled Operations list.