Krisan Cafe has useful remote commands capabilities.

The following are list of remote commands:

1. Turn On
2. Turn Off
3. Log Off
4. Restart
5. Sleep
6. Run

Turn On
Wake up  the selected computer(s).
Your computer must have the Wake-on-Lan feature and is activated in BIOS.

Turn Off
Turn off the selected computer(s).

Log Off
Log off the selected computer(s).

Restart selected computer(s).

Put the selected computer(s) in standby/sleep mode.

Waking up from standby mode:
You can wake up computers from standby with Turn On.
Your computer must have Wake-on-Lan feature and is activated and must also have the S3 standby/sleep mode in the BIOS.
(For waking up computers remotely from standby/sleep mode, we will help you set it up when you register.)

Run programs remotely on selected computer(s).


full program path + filename


The last format expects that the program folder is present in the remote computer(s) Windows PATH variable.

To check if it's in the PATH variable, start a command prompt. Type SET and press enter.


Turn off and Restart feature may not work when using standard user for client program. Please follow the steps to enable it.
1. Log on as an administrator and open Local Security Settings from Administrative Tools in Control Panel.
2. Select Security Settings \ Local Policies \ User Rights Assignment
3. Open the user right named "Force shutdown from a remote system" and add the INTERACTIVE group to this user right.