Welcome to Krisan Cafe! I'm glad you're here. Spend a few minutes going through this guide to learn some Krisan Cafe basics. I will introduce you to a number of useful Krisan Cafe functions and concepts that will help you start remembering everything.
Before we dive in, here are a few terms that will be used throughout this document:
Usergroup: As the name implies, is a group of user, which have individual usergroup settings and pricing structure.

Account : A username and password that allows Krisan Cafe to identify your users.

Permission : A priviledge of a user to do operations/actions on server station.

User : The one that operates a client or server station. Can be a Guest or Member for client station and Administrator or Operator/Employee for server station. 

Guest: A non-member user of client station.

Member: A user who has an account on Krisan Cafe. Can be of under any usergroup except Administrator, Operator/Employee and Guest usergroup.

Administrator: A user who has an account on Krisan Cafe under Administrator usergroup with full permissions on server station.

Operator/Employee: A user who has an account on Krisan Cafe with minimal permissions on server station. Can also be set with full permissions by an Administrator.

Ready? Let's get started!