Clients is not connecting to the server.
  • If "Manually connect to this server" option in Krisan Cafe Client settings is selected, please verify the server computer name if it is correct.
  • "Automatically find Server" option in Krisan Cafe Client settings may not work with some network configuration. If some clients are appearing as Turned Off, please connect manually.
  • Check your network connection. Unstable connection can cause improper client-server connection.
  • Check your Windows firewall or 3rd Party Firewall software.

    For Windows 7 and later:
    You should disable firewall if Krisan Cafe Server, Client and remote features are not connecting even the necessary files below are already allowed.

    For Windows XP users:
    Please make sure your FIREWALL is TURNED OFF (server/clients).
    Krisan Cafe may have connection problems if firewall is turned on.

    Krisan Cafe must be allowed (present and checked in the exception/exclusion list) in your firewall (if firewall is enabled).
    (These files are automatically added to the exception list upon installation)

    Files needed to be allowed in your firewall:
    For Krisan Cafe Server:
    - Krisan Cafe Server.exe
    - KCReporter.exe
    - KCRemoteFileManager.exe
    - KCFileSendServer.exe
    - KCSendFileServer.exe
    - KCRemoteDesktop.exe
    For Krisan Cafe Client:
    - Krisan Cafe Client.exe
    - KCFileSend.exe
    - KCSendFile.exe
    - KCFileServer.exe
    - KCRemoteDesktopClient.exe

  • If transferring to another server and your clients was set to connect manually, make sure your new server computer name is same as your previous server computer name.
  • Test your client-server connection by pinging your server computer.
    On one of your client stations, try to ping your server computer. This way you can test if your clients can connect to the server computer (ping will show the ping time if connection is available).

    How to ping:
    On one of your client stations, click on the Windows Start button, type CMD in the search box or click COMMAND PROMPT in the Accessories.

    Type :

    ping servername

    (Substitute servername with the computer name of your server)

    and press ENTER.